Where can I go to find help with domestic or sexual abuse?

Abused Women's Advocacy Project (AWAP):

Trained advocates can help victims of domestic abuse in Androscoggin, Franklin, and Oxford counties with a: confidential place to talk, information and resources, shelter and support groups, assistance through the court system, referral to other support systems, and a safe place when home isn’t safe. All services are free and confidential. Phone: (207) 778-6107, 59 Main St., Farmington, Maine 04938. 24-Hour domestic abuse helpline: 1-800-559-2927. Website: www.awap.org. Office hours may vary.

Adult Protective Services:

Protective services and intervention. Phone: (207) 795-4300 or 1-800-624-8404, 200 Main St., Lewiston

Domestic Abuse Hotline for Men and Women:

To provide crisis intervention and support services to all victims of domestic violence and their families in order to help survivors recover from the trauma of domestic violence. The Domestic Abuse Hotline for Men and Women work towards the elimination of domestic violence by increasing public awareness and decreasing tolerance of domestic violence through community collaboration and education. Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women will strive to improve the quality and safety of the lives of victims who are seeking peace in their homes and in their daily existence. Phone: 1-888-743-5754, PO Box 252, Harmony. Website: http://domesticabusehelpline.org/Home.asp

Peace in Our Families:

A community-wide effort in Franklin County to end domestic violence. Peace in Our Families hopes to reduce violence in the community by extending a hand to both the victims and perpetrators of violence. Participating individuals and groups share facts about violence, how to recognize abuse, and how to help someone who is abused. Training is available for criminal justice system personnel, medical providers and staff, schools, community and civic groups. Phone: (207) 645-3136 or 1-800-525-3136, Healthy Community Coalition, 20 Church St., Wilton, Contact: Melissa Danforth 779-3150 (for more information about Peace in our Families and how to join).

Sexual Assault Victims Emergency Services (SAVES):

SAVES provides support to victims of sexual assault or abuse to help them recover from the assault and, if they choose to do so, work with the police and the courts to prosecute the offender. Trauma Recovery and Empowerment support groups are provided for both the women and men, and support groups for teens are available through the high schools throughout Franklin County.

SAVES School-Based Advocate spends one day each week in each of the high schools to meet with students who need support. Programs to help people understand and reduce the risk of sexual assault are offered to students and residents throughout Franklin County. Victims of sexual assault or abuse (and their family or friends) can access services through SAVES 24-hour, toll-free Hotline. Clients are never charged for the services SAVES provides. Support groups: Women’s Empowerment Group, Creative Recovery for Women, Men’s Survivor Support Groups, and Survivors of Incest, Sexual Abuse & Rape Support. Phone: (207) 778-9522 Statewide Hotline 1-800-871-7741 or 778-0110 (cell phone calls), 138 Pleasant St., Farmington, Maine 04938. Website: http://www.savesrapecrisis.org/