Where can I get help to pay for my prescriptions?

Franklin Health Access staff can help you find ways to get low or no cost prescriptions through a program called Franklin Health Access Rx. A community based program for residents of Greater Franklin County, Franklin Health Access Rx will connect people to a variety of ways to help lower their medication costs, including Prescription Drug Discount Cards and Patient Assistance Programs through the pharmaceutical companies. Phone: (207) 779-2772 or 1-888-952-2772, (Physical address: 860 US Rte. 2 East, Wilton, ME)

Franklin Health Access-Rx (FHA-Rx): is a service of Franklin Health Access and can help getting needed medications. FHA-Rx assists in finding generic medicine a lower costs or in getting medicines right from the manufacturer at reduced costs. It will also work with doctors to see if there is a less costly medicine available. FHA-Rx will assist with information about any prescribed medications such as what it is for, what it will do to you, how it should be taken.

Maine Rx Plus: This program is open to all Maine residents with incomes up to 350% of the poverty level. You may also be eligible if the family income is higher, if you spend more than 5% of family income on prescription drugs or 15% on medical expenses. Phone: 1-866-796-2463, Department of Health and Human Services, 13 Prescott Drive, Machias, ME 04654 (the Machias office is the primary office for this program, please send or call this office for more information). Medicare Part D is the name of the Prescription Drug Benefit Program being offered to all Medicare beneficiaries as of January 1, 2006. Contact SeniorsPlus for more information: Phone: (207) 645-3315 or 1-888-234-3921, 251 US Rte. 2 East, Wilton, ME 04294 (Monday- Friday 8-3 PM).

RxCaresForME.org: is a program that connects qualified, low-income people with discount prescription drugs, direct from the pharmaceutical manufacturer. Phone:1-888-477-2669 or visit www.rxcaresforme.org. Salvation Army Assistance Program: may assist people in emergency situations by contributing a voucher toward a necessity, such as medication, food or oil. Portland Office: Phone: (207) 773-6304, PO Box 3647, 297 Cumberland Ave., Portland, ME 04101.

Patient Assistance Programs (PAP): are set up by the pharmaceutical companies that provide free or low cost medication to uninsured, income qualifying patients. Your physician's offices may be able to help you apply. Check with your physician's nurse to see if your medication is available through this program.

FranklinCountyRx: is a discount card available for all Franklin County Residents. The card may provide a 10-20% discount on your medication, depending on what the medication is and the participating pharmacy you use. This card is provided through a joint effort of your local county government and the National Association of Counties (NACo). FranklinCountyRx cards are available at your local town office and the Franklin County Commissioner's Office. For more information contact: Julie at the Commissioner's Office 778-6614.

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In addition visit any of the following websites:

accesstobenefits.org Access to Benefits Coalition site helps Medicare beneficiaries find the best Medicare drug plans and other prescription savings.

www.needymeds.com is a program that connects qualified, low-income people with discount prescription drugs, direct from the pharmaceutical manufacturer. NeedyMeds Inc., P.O. Box 63716, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

benefitscheckup.org -- National Council on Aging site that identifies possible benefits for people over age 55.

drugstore.com -- Source of representative current prices for most branded and generic medications.

epocrates.com -- Mobile or desktop drug references for point-of-care. Include state and Medicare Drug Plan formularies, with preferred drug lists, prior authorization requirements, alternatives, generic substitutes and quantity limits. Several comprehensive products available without charge.

ghsinc.com -- Preferred drug list (PDL) of Maine's approved drugs for MaineCare and DEL patients.

medicare.org -- Use to help consumers choose most appropriate Medicare drug plan.

pparx.org -- PhRMA site that identifies eligibility and application procedures for PAPs, state programs, and other sources of drug assistance.

rxassist.org -- Excellent site with resources for PAP identification and application, as well as for co-pay assistance, diabetes supplies, other patient needs. Part of Volunteers in Health Care.

volunteersinhealthcare.org -- A comprehensive reference for providers of services for the uninsured and underserved.