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Maine Woods Consortium

Address:  P.O.Box 508
Farmington, ME 04938
Phone:  (207) 779-6355
Website: Website
Contact:  Shaunacy Cobb, Executive Director
Services:  Maine Woods Vision

A vast, mountainous, northern forested region wherein people build vibrant economies and communities through creative and sustainable use of their natural and cultural assets.

Maine Woods Consortium Strategic Approach

Landscape: First, we believe that sustainable management and use of the region's landscape resources (forests, lands, waters) will be critical to achieving future prosperity for the region. To maintain and maximize the full breadth of benefits and opportunities encompassed in these resources, groups with ownership, community, environmental, and economic interests relating to these resources must begin to share knowledge and work more collaboratively.

Community: Second, as a region, we must continue to invest in our communities, large and small, retaining the best of our cultural heritage while developing the systems (civic organization, communications, transportation) that will make us competitive in coming decades. Revitalization of our towns and villages as dynamic centers of social, commercial, and cultural activity will be critical to insuring future prosperity for the region.

Economy: Finally, given that our regional economy is characterized by many small scale enterprises, we must develop approaches that link these enterprises into more effective systems to increase production efficiencies and to expand market reach. We see opportunities for new or stronger production networks in tourism, wood product manufacturing, agriculture, and handcraft, among other asset-based sectors.

Healthy Community Coalition

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